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About Us

Fluidized Bed Design and Construction

The Industrial Thermochemical Conversion (ITC) Group is made out of a group of experienced industrial and academic researchers and engineers with a long history of tackling and solving difficult industrial challenges in the area of high temperature fluidized and fixed bed systems. 


The group is closely associated to NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd. (NORAM), a Canadian technology and engineering company, and is operated out of BC Research Inc.’s facility. NORAM is a well-known and respected company that has successfully commercialized a number of novel processes and technology packages for the last 30 years. NORAM’s technologies and products are found in five continents and on diverse industries. NORAM provides the ITC Group with key engineering support and commercialization expertise where appropriate.


BC Research Inc. (BCRI) operates a research and pilot plant facility in British Columbia, Canada. The facility is well suited for pilot plant tests of thermochemical processes that involve particulate systems and fluidized beds. BCRI is part of a family of companies that includes Axton Inc. Axton, which is located closely in proximity to BCRI, is a metal fabrication shop that has the capabilities to fabricate pressure vessels, skids, and high precision machined parts.


The ITC Group is committed to the advancement of innovation in the areas of thermochemical conversion, particulate systems and fluidization, and strives to create and advance research and collaboration with universities and industry.


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