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Expertise Overview

Fluidized Bed Engineering

The Industrial Thermochemical Conversion (ITC) Group is made up of a group of experienced industrial and academic researchers and engineers with a long history of tackling and solving difficult industrial challenges in the area of high temperature fluidized and fixed bed systems.


The ITC Group provides R&D, problem solving, and design expertise on fixed and fluidized bed systems involving reaction kinetics and thermodynamics, mass transfer and heat transfer. The group thrives to help clients solve operational challenges on existing systems, or overcome technical hurdles through the different stages of development of their emerging technologies. Projects can be handled at the lab-scale, pilot scale, demonstration size, or commercial size.


The group members have been providing innovative solutions and services to Canadian and international clients in the chemical, petrochemical, oil sands, pulp and paper and renewable/cleantech industries. Projects have been completed on a variety of roles, as a R&D partner, technical consultant, or engineering service provider.


See some of our recent work on our Case Studies page.

Services Offered

Design and Management of R&D Programs

Engineering Solutions and Conceptual Design

Consulting and Technology Review

Feasibility Studies

Materials of Construction Selection

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Process Simulation and System Integration

Design, Engineering, Construction and Operation of Pilot Plants

Design, Engineering and Construction of Demo Plants

Design, Engineering and Construction of Commercial Plants




Areas of Interest

Thermochemical and Catalytic Conversion Processes

Natural and Renewable Feeds with Complex Composition

High Temperature Reaction Systems

Combustion, Gasification, Reforming and Torrefaction

Pyrolysis, Liquefaction, Thermal and Catalytic Cracking

Multiphase Flows and Particulate Systems

Fixed Beds, Bubbling and Circulating Fluidized Beds

Transport Phenomena, Heat and Mass Transfer

Reactor Design

Problem Solving

System Integration and Optimization

Scale-up and Process Intensification



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