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Carbon Engineering – Design, Construction and Commissioning of a Pilot Fluidized Bed Calciner

Carbon Engineering, a company based in Calgary Alberta, developed a novel process for the capture of carbon dioxide from the environment. The process which was first proved at a bench scale, works by absorbing carbon dioxide from air...

ETX – Design, Construction and Commissioning of a Fluidized Bed Cross-flow Oil Upgrader Pilot Plant

ETX Systems Inc. is working towards commercializing a novel oil upgrader process. The core of the technology is an upgrader that operates on a controlled flow pattern that significantly improves yields over conventional technology...

MRT – Commercialization of Membrane Reactor Technologies for Efficient Production of High Purity Hydrogen from SMR

Membrane Reactor Technologies (MRT™) is a Center of Excellence of NORAM Engineering and Constructors, Ltd. Focused on the development and industrial introduction of a proven, proprietary technology to generate low-cost, high-purity hydrogen from natural gas steam reforming and renewable feeds. The technology has proved to be more efficiently than conventional methods...

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