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Sergio Berretta

P. Eng

Sergio Berretta is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of BC, Canada, and serves as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BC Research, but remains very active in the area of technology and process development.


Sergio has more than 20 years of experience in process development and engineering design in a variety of areas, including scale-up techniques.  He has broad experience in the engineering design and commissioning of industrial chemical plants

He has led the engineering design and commissioning of eight world-scale chemical industrial plants and novel processes for companies in three continents.  Through the last decade he has been very involved in technology development through roles as manager of R&D for one of NORAM’s business areas and later as COO of BC Research.  Through his roles in R&D, he has developed extensive experience in the design and assembly of pilot plants and demonstration plants.


Sergio holds over 20 international patents and a number of pending applications in different industrial areas, including nitration and chlorine production.


Sergio is passionate about the development and commercialization of clean-tech processes and is actively involved in BC related initiatives, including the growth of the Carbon Capture and Conversion Institute in British Columbia, which is a collaborative effort among Carbon Management Canada, the University of British Columbia and BC Research.

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