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Andrés Mahecha-Botero

Ph.D, P. Eng.

Dr. Mahecha-Botero is a Professional Engineer registered in BC, Canada.  He has worked on numerous engineering and applied research projects involving advanced modelling of chemical processes, conceptual design and implementation of experimental programs, design of new chemical processes, as well as the exploration of innovative ideas.


Andrés obtained his Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2009 with emphasis on advanced modelling of chemical reactors with

experimental validation.


Andrés worked in university research in addition to graduate and undergraduate teaching, and currently is an Adjunct Professor at the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia. Andrés has worked in various engineering projects for companies located in Norway, Chile, China, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Korea, Colombia, USA and Canada. Currently, he works as process development engineer, senior chemical process engineer, and project manager for a number of projects at NORAM Engineering, a process technology development company.


Andrés has filed two patent disclosures, and has produced 77 international technical publications. The publications include 25 peer reviewed journal papers in prestigious international journals such as: Chemical Engineering Science, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, The International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, Fuel and Science of the Total Environment. Moreover, he has published 51 manuscripts in international books of proceedings and international conferences and one journal series editorial on various research and industrial topics.


Areas of expertise include: new chemical process development, air pollution control, exhaust gas cleaning, SO2 abatement, NOx abatement, H2S removal, clean sulphuric acid manufacture, chemical plant debottlenecking to reduce waste and improve efficiency, process HAZOP, investigation of clean energy alternatives and clean fuels, hydrogen production, fluidized-beds and multi-phase reactors, steam reforming, combustion and oxidation reactions, mechanistic and mathematical modelling of chemical and biochemical processes, etc. In addition, he has a proven track record as a project manager, where he leads multidisciplinary teams for projects focused on the design of innovative solutions and supply of engineering systems and equipment.

Dr. Andrés Mahecha-Botero’s Google Scholar profile:

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