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Fluidized Bed Research Canada
High Temperature Particle Systems
Bubbling Fluidized Bed Design
Fluidized Bed Pilot Plant

Bringing Together Industrial and Academic Expertise in Fluidized and Fixed Bed Systems


The Industrial Thermochemical Conversion (ITC) Group provides expertise in thermochemical conversion processes that involve multiphase particulate flows and fluidized bed systems. The group provides novel designs, problem solving expertise, system optimization, and integration strategies for a variety of industrial processes and clients.

Areas of Expertise


High Temperature Reaction Systems

Multiphase Flows and Particulate Systems

Bubbling and Circulating Fluidized Beds

Combustion, Gasification, Reforming and Torrefaction

Pyrolysis, Liquefaction, Thermal and Catalytic Cracking

Reaction Kinetics and Reactor Design

Transport Phenomena

System Integration and Optimization


Industries Served


Petrochemical and Oil Sands

Pulp and Paper


Renewable Energy

Emissions Control

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